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Thursday / May 13.
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The Dunbar Campaign Begins

The Dunbar Campaign Begins

Now that the two candidates for Anchorage Mayor have hit the ground running, a few observations are in order.  First is that Forrest Dunbar has hit the ground running, dumping on the Bronson campaign with a campaign spending violation (lawfare) and a series of ads on local radio notable for their treacly sweet muzziness.  For some reason, neither the ads nor the Dunbar campaign saw fit to mention his support of the BLM / AntiFa rioters, endless lockdowns here in Anchorage, or his view that the US Constitution is a racist document.  Perhaps they missed those.

Overall Dunbar has been a reliable yes vote in support of our last failed Mayor, Ethan Berkowitz, increased spending, higher taxes, and a more intrusive, muscular local government here in Anchorage.  He is quick to embrace all things leftist including the Me Too movement.  When the Me Too’s came for his buddy, Mayor Berkowitz, Forest Dunbar believed his buddy, the powerful man rather than the wronged woman.  Perhaps his positions are little more than political posturing for his cheerleaders in the media. 

The Dunbar Campaign Begins

Speaking of political posturing, Dunbar ran his mouth during an Assembly Meeting last summer, opining that the US Constitution, the one that he swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic on at least four occasions, is “… shot though every portion of our constitutional law with race …”  How can an avowed anti-racist swear an oath to preserve, support and defend what he believes to be a racist document?  Either he is an active, practicing racist or he is lying about his views on the US Constitution.  For an active member of the Army National Guard, either would pose a problem. 

Speaking of running his mouth, Dunbar also spoke glowingly about his sister and cousin joining the Wall of Moms, providing a human shield for BLM and AntiFa rioters who laid siege to the federal courthouse in Portland last July.  Just what we need, yet another BLM / AntiFa riot-friendly democrat in office to join all the other failed democrat mayors who have embraced political lawlessness.  In contrast, he was quick to support a resolution condemning violence during the Jan 6 protest in Washington DC.  In Forrest’s world, some violence is celebrated, and some is condemned.  The difference seems to be which political side is committing the violence. 

The Dunbar Campaign Begins

Now I really don’t know how much of this he actually believes.  But I do know when an elected politician during a campaign tells you what he believes, you darn well better pay close attention to him, because he will bring that sort of worldview into office with him if elected.

And what has Forrest done on the Assembly?

  • He has voted in lockstep with the majority in support of all COVID lockdowns, masking orders, extensions to those orders, and using the power of the Municipality to crush those small businesses in opposition. 
  • He voted to steal a full 60% of CARES Act funds for government rather than disbursing those monies to individuals and businesses harmed by the lockdown orders he supports.
  • He voted to support purchase of multiple properties around town, some in residential neighborhoods, to house the homeless population.  When the residents protested, he supported the Assembly Chair shutting down testimony, clearing the Assembly Chambers, and siccing APD officers on the residents who dared speak out.
  • He voted to bypass a special election for Mayor 90 days following the resignation of Ethan Berkowitz, claiming he and his majority were following the charter
  • Proudly strong-armed local pastors into supporting the Berkowitz vagrant plan, bragging about it with Chris Constant in e-mail traffic.
  • And he has proudly voted for every single tax increase (including the alcohol tax), Municipal Budget and spending increase proposed while he was on the Assembly.  Anybody think he is going to stop any time soon?

From here, Forrest is running a campaign for Mayor promising to fix things he gleefully broke.  And his campaign ads along with that of the pocket Marxists of the Anchorage Firefighter’s Union dare call his opponent partisan?  What rot.  Pot, meet kettle.

From here, if you love endless lockdowns, endless masking, Muni support of BLM / AntiFa, public theft of COVID relief funds, systematic destruction of small business, the most arrogant and out of touch Assembly Anchorage has seen in half a century, and spending that would make the proverbial drunken sailor blush, Forrest Dunbar is your boy.  OTOH, if you want a return to some sort of normalcy following the failed administration of Ethan Berkowitz, vote for the other guy, Dave Bronson. 

At this point, should Dunbar be elected, a reprise of what Ethan was doing would be a pleasant though unexpected surprise, something I don’t expect from Forrest because for all his foibles, at least Ethan was interested in a successful Anchorage.  Forrest, OTOH, is far more interested in being held up as a committed lefty with the correct political positions all while being cheered on by local media.  IN short, the boy would rather be stroked by an adoring media than actually getting anything done for the citizens of Anchorage. 

Try not to forget this when you vote. 

Alex Gimarc lives in Anchorage since retiring from the military in 1997. His interests include science and technology, environment, energy, economics, military affairs, fishing and disabilities policies. His weekly column “Interesting Items” is a summary of news stories with substantive Alaska-themed topics. He was a small business owner and Information Technology professional.

The Dunbar Campaign Begins

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