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Thursday / May 13.
Why we do what we do...

Comprehensive current news matters.

We live in a time of light-speed information exchange. Massive volumes of online news and data circulate through the Internet, much of which is often missed or overlooked.

AboutAlaska Politics & Elections (APE) was launched in the spring of 2014 with the intent of broadening the news blog playing field in Alaska. Our subject matter ranges from political campaigns to governance; elections to federal, state, borough and local policymakers. We don’t see ourselves as competition to print, TV, radio and online “blogger” news, but rather a complement to those mediums of communication.


Multiple newspaper publications have online access and articles via websites, but interested readers may miss them. APE researches and shares articles on its Facebook page our team deems relevant or of interest, or both. Alaskan-centric.

Local and national journalists don’t always cover stories of Alaskan relevance or interest, so APE networks with freelance writers to publish fresh, engaging content on its website (APEonline.org).

Lawmakers may have an opinion editorial or video or information to share and can’t get published in a regional newspaper, so APE facilitates publication on its Facebook page, website or both.

Political candidates may have a stance or position, media message, or update of value to Alaskans and voters, so APE encourages opinion editorials and updates from candidates at all levels.

Full disclosure: we can’t take every article or video or content submitted, but we promise to be fair and transparent on what we’ll publish.

We don’t require subscription or paid-for content. We have blossomed into a website affording page space for sponsorship opportunities. (tom@apeonline.org).

We hope you will like and follow our Facebook page, sign up for our forthcoming eNewsletters, and keep in contact if you have ideas or suggestions. If you’re anything like our team here at APE, you agree that you can never have enough news and information.

And stay tuned! We’re in the process of launching a radio broadcast with news and updates that we’ll embed into the website and broadcast on air. We’ll keep you posted.


Alaska Politics & Elections