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Monday / June 21.
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An Open Letter to the Alaskan Congressional Delegation

An Open Letter to the Alaskan Congressional Delegation

Now that the 2020 presidential election has been certified, we have a problem, one that you in congress allowed to fester and grow.  Now it is one that you in congress must address.  Sooner would be better than later.

There are at least 100 million people in this great nation, over 60% of those who voted who believe this election was neither open, transparent, honest, nor fair, and we don’t trust its results.  Congress is the first in line charged with the responsibility to restore that trust at the federal level.  It’s what you get paid the Big Bucks to do.

An Open Letter to the Alaskan Congressional Delegation

Allowing things to get this far reeks of massive incompetence, craven cowardice, and no small amount of personal fear.  Over the last two months no federal court has chosen to hear any evidence on election irregularities and fraud.  None of the legislatures in the 8 states at the center of these problems took action to correct the problem, although extensive hearings took place and evidence was heard in a few states.  Even congress, in the face of multiple objections to Electors raised Wednesday chose not to even take a look, instead voting down all objections and certifying the election in the dead of night while the rest of the nation was asleep.

What do you expect us to do?  You know, the people who put you into office?  Smile sweetly when we are being insulted, called racists and crazy for simply pointing out there is a problem here that must be addressed?

Congress has been particularly derelict in its duty as mobs have looted, burned, committed all manner of violence and mayhem on the streets of American cities for over 9 months without raising a finger.  And when that violence gets close to you, you are all of the sudden shocked, simply shocked.  Give me a break.  Nobody got beat up Wednesday.  Nobody’s office got burned.  Nobody lost their businesses or homes, unlike tens of thousands of small businessmen and women who were targeted by the democrat mob over the 6 months of riots. 

And after the festivities are over, Senator Murkowski is on the steps of the Capitol blaming President Trump and his supporters for the mayhem, without a clue about who instigated or participated in the violence.  I will note for the record that the democrat riots on Inauguration Day 2017 that looted, burned, and committed mayhem garnered nary a peep from our esteemed senior US Senator.  Either did the mob assault on the home of Senator Josh Hawley a few days ago.  Apparently, some forms of violence are more acceptable than others. 

When the majority of voters in this nation believe that elections no longer matter, that their sacred vote will simply drown in a sea of fraud, and hundreds of millions of Big Tech dollars used to turn out inner city democrat voters, we have a problem.

The US Constitution gives congress the power to set national standards for elections.  To restore trust in future elections, it is well past time for congress to start setting some.  What would I do?  Some combination of the following.  Consider it an opening bid, a starting but by no means complete list:

  • Nobody votes without a Real ID.
  • Federal courts are prohibited from rewriting any state or federal election law.
  • Election day is limited to a week before Election Day and not one minute after
  • Vote by mail is prohibited at all levels of government elections.
  • Anyone convicted of election fraud is prohibited from participating in any future elections or campaigns.
  • Figure out some way to keep individual Americans from dropping hundreds of millions of dollars into cities and precincts to rewrite local election law and procedures.

Job One for the President is national defense.  Job One for congress is providing for the peaceful transfer of power.  This is where congress has been derelict, incompetent, foolishly pretending the problem doesn’t exist.  Note that I haven’t even mentioned who did what to whom in the election.  Nor have I mentioned the 3 democrat US Senators about to be seated (one from Michigan and two from Georgia), all of whom benefited from apparent election fraud.  All I am saying is that are over 100 million Americans who think there was a problem and our government REFUSED to take those concerns seriously.

Think of Wednesday’s festivities as a friendly tap on your shoulder by a friend suggesting we have a problem and that you in congress take a look at that problem and do something about it.  You have about a year to get this done before it starts again.  Cheers –

Alex Gimarc lives in Anchorage since retiring from the military in 1997. His interests include science and technology, environment, energy, economics, military affairs, fishing and disabilities policies. His weekly column “Interesting Items” is a summary of news stories with substantive Alaska-themed topics. He was a small business owner and Information Technology professional.

An Open Letter to the Alaskan Congressional Delegation

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